Our Values


We believe that honesty is the best policy. We follow and value this in all that we do.

Understanding and Knowledge

We pride ourselves as being knowledgeable in the areas into which we recruit. We know our clients, our candidates and focus our expertise to deliver best possible service and results.


We feel it is important to be clear, truthful and share in everything that we do.

Exceed expectations

We strive to deliver above and beyond both what our clients and candidates expect of us.


We relish what we do! We feel it is important to be serious and professional but also to enjoy each day.


Working together and in collaboration with all, to ensure a true understanding of needs.


In everything we do we strive for excellence.

Lead by example

We aim to be different and to continuously improve. From small steps we know that we can help our clients and candidates to think differently about how they recruit or apply for vacancies.

We are innovators; we don’t just always think about the Rand, we look for longevity, loyalty and quality.

The way we do business and follow our values underpins every aspect of how we deliver our services. Our employees embrace these values, both internally in the way they work across the group and externally in the way they add value to their clients and candidates.

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